Treasure Valley Scrollers



Making Your Name Badge with Stack-Angle Cutting


Russ Centanni



  1. 5/16 to inch stock, a light wood & dark wood
  2. Glue Stick, 2 inch Clear Packing Tape
  3. #61 drill bit
  4. #2/0 skip tooth scroll saw blade
  5. Protractor
  6. Wood Glue
  7. Belt Sander
  8. Natural stain and lacquer
  9. Pin clip

10.    Epoxy Cement



  1. Cut desired stock into badges 2 inches wide by 3 to 3 inches in length depending on the length of the name to be cut.


  1. Using a glue stick, lightly apply glue to the pattern and attach the pattern to the piece of wood that will serve as the name badge.


  1. Place this on top of the wood that will serve as the source of the name to be cut and inserted into the badge. One could use double faced tape to hold the wood together but this is more of a problem when it comes to removing the tape from the small pieces of the name. The best thing is to simple hold the pieces together with packing tape, #4 below.


  1. Remove a piece of clear 2 inch packing tape that is twice the length of the badge. Center it over the stacked pieces of wood and press it against the pattern. Fold the sides over the edges and secure the two pieces of wood together.


  1. With a #61 drill bit in your drill press, make a single hole in the pattern at a point along the bottom of the name where two letters come together.


  1. Attach a #2/0 blade to your scroll saw and using your protractor, or the scale on your scroll saw, adjust the table to a 1-4 right tilt; the right side of table is down. The specific degree will vary with the type of woods used and the thickness. Determine this by a trial cut in stacked samples of the wood you are using.


  1. Detach the blade from the upper keeper and pass the blade through the bottom of your piece to be cut. Secure and tension the blade.
  2. Cut your pattern clockwise moving along the bottom of the name to the left and then up and over the top moving to the right. Continue cutting until you reach the entry hole. Release the tension and then release the blade to remove the wood.


  1. Carefully separate the cut name; it will push out the backside. Remove the tape. The name cut from the lower piece of wood will fit into the space cut in the top piece.


10.    Apply wood glue to the edges of the name and press it into the badge from the backside. It will be captured by the angle cut. Depending on the thickness of the wood, the position of capture will vary.


11.    If necessary use your belt sander to remove excess thickness from the backside of the name or the front side of the badge. Use finishing sandpaper to smooth the surfaces and roll the edge. If the badge is thick enough a round can be placed on the edges with your router. With thinner material a belt sander or sandpaper can be used


12.    If desirable, stain the piece with a natural stain and allow it to dry. Natural oil is probably less desirable because you will be wearing the badge on and against your clothing.


13.    Spray with 2 or 3 coats of lacquer, sanding with finishing paper or a microfine sanding sponge between coats.


14.    Mix some epoxy cement and attach a pin clip to the back.


15.    Congratulates your name badge is ready to wear!